A New Library

Urantia Foundation was the fortunate recipient of a collection of books and materials containing concepts and text similar to those found in The Urantia Book. This is the first contribution to a research library created by Urantia Foundation over the past year. Many thanks to Jen Siegel for creating the physical space; to Steve Dreier, Gard Jameson, and Joanne Strobel for establishing the library; and to our anonymous donor.

Students of The Urantia Book know that the revelators made extensive use of human concepts in constructing the Urantia Revelation. (Read More...)

2018 Urantia Association International Conference

Urantia Conference in NetherlandsYou Are Invited!

Our conference theme is Jesus as a Teacher and we are inviting students of The Urantia Book from all over the world. The subtitle is Are You Ready to Live His Teachings In the 21st Century? This question calls us to explore what we know about Jesus’ teachings, his personal religion, and his message to us today. The program will inspire us to be true followers of Jesus and his teachings, and become the leaders and teachers of the future.

The Conference

In the beautiful surroundings of the flower fields near Amsterdam, the Conference Centre Leeuwenhorst in Noordwijkerhout will be the venue for our gathering. This conference centre offers everything we need to host a successful event. The conference will emphasize studying together, sharing with each other, and most of all, experiencing spiritual brotherhood.